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I kinda went on a Post-it drawing spree the other day! Firebending is and always will be, my favourite bending art. Anything that let’s me do flaming uppercuts (Shoryuken!!) or shoot lightning from my finger tips like a Sith Lord is awesome in my books!

Oh! And that last doodle is just me taking a jab at my friend since she loves Waterbending so much! :p

DUDES!!! That Mortal Kombat X trailer was so Hype!! I’m so happy the next-gen current-gen consoles are starting to get more fighting games! Here’s hoping we get a brand new Street Fighter and Tekken in 2015 as well! 

I gotta say, I like how this chibi-scorpion doodle came out! I was having one of those “nothing I draw looks right” kinda nights, so I’m glad I was able to salvage it. Now I can sleep and have sweet dreams of Scorpion beating the shit out of people! :D

Could you imagine, what  a 3rd person action survival game, that takes some of the best stuff about The Last of Us, and adds a bunch of X-Men lore to it, would be like? Because I did, and it would be Awesome!! 

Just swap Joel and Ellie with Logan and one of his surrogate daughters (in this case, Jubilee). Replace the Cordyceps Fungal Infection with the Legacy Virus, OR the Techno-Organic Virus, for some awesome Tech-oriented infected. You can have some Sentinels, that attack anything with a life signature outside the safezones. OH! You can also have the Fireflies be replaced with the remnants of the Brotherhood of Mutants, desperately looking for a cure to the disease!

Hmmm…someone get Marvel and Naughty Dog on the line! Lol!

All joking aside though, I had so much fun messing around with this idea. Trying to come up with realistic clothing for Jubilee and the girls that echoed the design of their regular costumes was a lot of fun. Anyways, I’m definitely gonna revisit this after I’m done the drawing challenge. Just 3 more days till Days of Future Past hits theatres!

X-Men Drawing Challenge. GO!

X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out May 23rd. So that gives us 10 days to draw as many X-Men characters as possible before the movie hits theatres! It can be as simple as a doodle during a lunch break, or as involved as a fully rendered drawing. Doesn’t really matter as long as the character is from X-Men! When you post your pic to FB, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, or wtv social media site the cool kids use these days, be sure to add the tag #AnXmanADay 

Because, an X-man a Day, keeps the Sentinels away!

Or brings them to your door step…?
I dunno. Guess we’ll find out.

Happy Drawing everybody :)

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